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Visual Inspection

Improve your quality control to unprecedented levels with AI-driven visual inspection, ensuring precision, speed and accuracy that surpass traditional methods.
ai for Visual Inspection

Brevetti AI

Configure, train and deploy state-of-the-art AI technology in regulated environments with short return-on-investment.​

  • Customizable models for use case
  • User, data and model management
  • Audit Trail
  • Deploy directly to device
ai for Visual Inspection

Brevetti AI

Customized AI Platform for BREVETTI CEA inspection machine for Pharma​

In visual inspection of pharmaceutical production, upstream variations such as silicon residue can cause false detections, and new products may be added to production line.​ AI studio provides a simple interface to finetune models, to reduce false rejections, and to add recipes for new products. Technician only needs to correct the visual model output, and finetune the model according.

ai for Visual Inspection

Brevetti AI​
Leather Explorer

Customized AI Platform for CORIUM inspection machine for Leather​

In visual inspection of tannery production, the need to classify and inspect during the tannery process or with the ready product, can be done completely automatically.​​ Leather Explorer provides a simple interface to label new type/models of leathers, to create recipes for new products. Technician only needs to correct the visual model output, and finetune the model accordingly.​​ ​

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    Document Analysis

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    Revolutionize microbiology with AI, accelerating research breakthroughs, automating complex analyses, and unlocking new frontiers in understanding microscopic worlds.


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