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Document Analysis

Transform document analysis with the power of AI, speeding up workflows, extracting actionable insights, and ensuring unparalleled accuracy in information extraction.
ai for Document Analysis

Knowledge Graph

Key product features:​​​

  • Give researchers and funding institutions a platform for sharing open information and tracking their research​
  • Enable authors to easily submit for open access, and be found by peers using a knowledge graph
  • Give funding institutions insights into the impact of their projects​
ai for Document Analysis

AI Document

Processing and converting incoming documents and requests is time consuming​​. Brevetti AI powered solution for automated document conversion tool converts to structured excel file and prefills common answers.​​ ​​

Explore other use cases

Our Deep Learning Platform is a game-changer for anyone seeking to enhance and transform images effortlessly.
  • 2 Case


    Empower HealthTech solutions with AI, revolutionizing patient care, optimizing diagnostics, and driving unparalleled innovation.
  • 2 Case


    Revolutionize MedTech with AI, advancing diagnostics, personalizing patient care, and accelerating medical breakthroughs for a healthier and more connected future.
  • 1 Case


    Elevate your mobile apps with seamless AI integration—unlock limitless possibilities for personalized user experiences, enhanced functionality, and cutting-edge innovation.
  • 1 Case

    Machine Intelligence

    Maximize machine uptime and efficiency with AI-powered predictive maintenance, proactively identifying issues before they occur and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • 3 Case


    Revolutionize microbiology with AI, accelerating research breakthroughs, automating complex analyses, and unlocking new frontiers in understanding microscopic worlds.
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    Visual Inspection

    Improve your quality control to unprecedented levels with AI-driven visual inspection, ensuring precision, speed and accuracy that surpass traditional methods.


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