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Revolutionize microbiology with AI, accelerating research breakthroughs, automating complex analyses, and unlocking new frontiers in understanding microscopic worlds.
ai for Microbiology

Transmittance Analysis

In a pharmaceutical production identical looking cartridges contain different active ingredients. A non-destructive method for measuring content is needed.​​ Brevetti AI solution uses NIR transmittance measurements and AI to detect levels of active ingredients in solutions.​​

ai for Microbiology


In pharmaceutical quality assurance HPLC and UPLC analysis is used extensively to verify production steps. Automatic software to detect and classify peaks requires trained technician corrections and review.​

Brevetti AI solution automatically identifies peaks, and reduced necessary interaction time by 60 % to enable an extension in test capacity​

ai for Microbiology

Agar Plate

Agar plates are used in the pharmaceutical industry for microbial testing and quality control.​​ Using deep learning Brevetti AI managed to increase accuracy and throughput compared to a manual review of the plates.​

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Our Deep Learning Platform is a game-changer for anyone seeking to enhance and transform images effortlessly.
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    Empower HealthTech solutions with AI, revolutionizing patient care, optimizing diagnostics, and driving unparalleled innovation.
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    Revolutionize MedTech with AI, advancing diagnostics, personalizing patient care, and accelerating medical breakthroughs for a healthier and more connected future.
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    Elevate your mobile apps with seamless AI integration—unlock limitless possibilities for personalized user experiences, enhanced functionality, and cutting-edge innovation.
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    Machine Intelligence

    Maximize machine uptime and efficiency with AI-powered predictive maintenance, proactively identifying issues before they occur and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
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    Document Analysis

    Transform document analysis with the power of AI, speeding up workflows, extracting actionable insights, and ensuring unparalleled accuracy in information extraction.
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    Visual Inspection

    Improve your quality control to unprecedented levels with AI-driven visual inspection, ensuring precision, speed and accuracy that surpass traditional methods.


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